KEGS - Kent's Emulated GS

An Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X, Win32, Linux, and Unix/X11

Download version 0.91 - Virtual Modem support

WARNING: The previous KEGS release, v0.90, has been pulled since it had a serious bug in handling Smartport devices. Large file copies from the Finder (and other GSOS applications) could have data corruption caused by a bug in new code in v0.90. Version 0.91 and later have the bug corrected. ProDOS 8 applications were not vulnerable to the bug.

Samples and other utilities


Getting a bootable disk image

To use KEGS, you need to get a ROM image. I'll write directions on how to generate the ROM file later. Some of the other emulator pages give directions on how to create a ROM file.

The are several ways to transfer files from your Apple IIgs to your machine. The method I use is to create ShrinkIt disk archives of the 5.25" or 3.5" disks you want to transfer. Then, transfer those .SHK files to your computer. You can use modem/serial line transfer, or some other less direct method. Non-Apple machines cannot read the 800K 3.5" disk format. Sorry. I admit, all of these paths are tedious.

Once you have the .SHK files on the workstation, you're home free. Use nulib to extract the disk image from the archive. Edit KEGS's "kegs_conf" file to point to the image, and you're off! Nulib works like tar: "nulib tv foo.shk" lists the archive and "nulib xv foo.shk" will extract the disk image. If you have .BXY files, you need to use "nulib xb foo.bxy" to extract the files.

KEGS information

KEGS emulates an Apple IIgs accurately at between 8MHz and 120MHz on pretty much any Unix/Linux computer, Win32, or Mac OS X.

Other Apple IIgs emulators and other KEGS ports

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